Arise in Prayer


WIN Mission Statement

Prayer is the mission that helps to fulfill the great commission. In order to fulfill this commission of winning souls for the kingdom, we must first be a people of Prayer. We must acknowledge that all is wrought and brought forth, only through prayer, both in the spirit and natural realm. Our mission is clear! As part of the body of Christ we must increase in our awareness, knowledge, and need of a more dedicated Prayer life.

As we strive to become more devoted to intimacy and prayer, our Heavenly Father will continue to share with us His heart. Therefore as we form part of this living organism of Prayer, we become a more radiant and glorious church experiencing His joy and peace.

As the body of Christ, we will continue to obey our God given command to “Pray without ceasing.” We acknowledge that the avenues of Prayer, Praise, Worship, and the study of God’s Word, will satisfy the whole man (spirit, soul and body).


Our Prayer Mission

Personal Prayer
Family Prayer
Praying Churches
Praying Leaders
Praying Pastors
Praying Communities
1 Thes. 5:16-18

NC WIN Board

Rev. Randy Hill – Director


Rev. Michael Gist – Board Member
Rev. Vee Oxendine – Board Member


Rev. Martha Bedoya – Board Member
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Rev. Dr. Jerry Nelson – Board Member
(252) 289-5770


Rev. Lydia Jones – Board Member
(252) 822-2351