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Discipleship Ministries

BIBLE ADVENTURE Preschool Curriculum
 CROSSTOWN  Kindergarten Curriculum
KONNECT  Elementary Curriculum 
 THE LOOP SHOW  Pre Teen Curriculum 
SWITCH  Youth Curriculum
When we know the current state of a generation, we can work toward a solution to bring about change! (Click Here for a great article “What we know about  GEN Z; 2020 Research Report”)
Is Orange just for children’s ministry?  Or how it fits in with your student ministry?  Check out this article about the basics of the XP3 Student curriculum. 
Ready to amp up your youth or kids ministry?  Take a look at DYM Youth Ministry for incredible resources for games, training and so much more!  
Looking for resources on, well pretty much everything church related?  Life Church’s Open Network has made everything from kids’ curriculum, missions, small groups, leadership and so much more available to you. 
Need a little help staying on track with your daily scripture reading?  Looking for something to spark a desire to read God’s Word amount the people you serve?  Check out Frances Chan’s new app, Read Scripture
The Journey is a versatile resource designed with the church and home in mind. The content contains foundational,biblical teaching presented in an interactive format, intended for use in community with other believers.Remember, there is always more to learn, still room to grow, and always support available for you on The Journey.
Gather some girlfriends, meet with the women of your church, or watch individually from the comfort of your home. Conversation starters and tools to help you build community with your group of women will be provided as well. We are excited for you to join us!
A monthly resource from IPHC Women to help you connect women in your local church to Jesus Christ and each other.
Invite a few friends and read through She Believes together!
Child/Youth Safety: Our Vigilant website is LIVE! If you missed any of the 5 videos we recently posted on Facebook, you can find them here. We also have new resources coming soon including sample policies and procedures documents for churches and conferences. Please check the website regularly for additions, and share it with your people:
IPHC Kids Curriculum for Preschool & Elementary...IPHC Kids’ Curriculum Public Release – As many of you know we’ve spent the last ten months piloting our own kids’ curriculum. Well, we’re almost ready to make it available as a free download to any interested church. While I’m not ready to share the website, I want you to be the first to know that our target release date is Monday, November 16th.
A Virtual Children’s Ministry Training.
Next month, we’ll release our first, free, virtual training event. Our hope is that churches use the videos to host their own training (either personal or online). You’re getting the first peek at our trailer. (If prompted, the password is 20.) Here’s your link: More details on the specific release date soon!

Evangelism & World Missions

Looking for ways to grow your church?  Wondering where to begin?  Check out and find out how to grow a healthy church.
Check out this free resource that provides demographic information for your city allowing you to better serve your community and grow your church. 

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