Mission: M25 exists to network those who reach out to the Matthew 25 people groups. From biker ministries, to feeding the homeless, to visiting those in the hospital, we invite all those who minister to the helpless, hopeless, and hurting to make a connection through Mission: M25.
On 21 September 2011 M25 members honor a 30 year Navy Veteran and father of one of our own. The father of M25 member, Richard Getchell (“RAGS”) died on 16 September following heart failure. Almost 200 friends, family, politicians and shipmates gathered in a small rural town in Texas to bid farewell to Torpedoman’s Mate First Class Alfred Getchell, USN Retired.
Those who knew him well honored him and those who never met TM1 Getchell still owe him a debt of gratitude. Alfred was a great American hero.

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Mission M25 provides identity and connectivity for those ministers and ministries of the International Pentecostal Holiness Church that are involved in outreach to the M25 people. Non – IPHC ministers and ministries are welcome to become a part of this effort.