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We believe that the keeping and telling of testimonies is central to the health and inspiration of the church and exist therefore to maintain these records for the education and edification of the body. We also serve to assist local church historians, scholars and writers with various research projects. Our collection is both built and maintained by our donors and has been referred to as “one of the best collection I have seen” by internationally recognized authority on Pentecostal history, Dr. Vinson Synan.


Archives Exhibit @ Falcon Camp Meeting

August 5-8

NCIPHC Conference | 6712 Church Street | Falcon, NC 28342
This year’s exhibit will focus on sharing the history of women pastors in the NC Conference since it’s beginnings. Come and learn more about these pioneers in ministry who answered the call and served in our conference as lead pastors.


If you have important historical publications, documents, pictures or artifacts that you would like to secure in our climate controlled, acid-free, fireproof facilities, please contact the conference office to discuss this with us and arrange for transfer of any qualifying materials.


If you would like to support Archives Ministries through a monthly donation or a one-time gift, please contact Karen Carter at the conference office at 910-980-1162 to set up payments or designate your check(s) to Archives Dept. “General Fund” or “Building Fund” and mail to:

Archives Ministries
 NC Conference, IPHC
 P.O. Box 59
 Falcon, NC 28342

If you are a historian or a researcher who needs assistance, please call the conference office or contact Karen Lucas at


The Archives Ministries Department also considers it a pleasure to assist families in the memorialization of their loved ones so that their testimony and influence can be preserved for years to come. If you would like to participate in this project, please contact us to get started or visit our “Tributes for Treasures” on-line Memorial Page at to see memorials that have already been set up. We work very closely with our families to ensure their comfort and satisfaction and all proceeds are currently going towards the continued improvement of our facilities.
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